The Guildford Rambling Club was formed in 1973, an offshoot of an older, London-based, club. The Club's overall purpose is simply to give its members the opportunity to enjoy walking in the varied and beautiful countryside around Guildford. In addition, we sometimes arrange holidays away.  

Each new walks programme covers four months, starting in turn in January, May and September. We walk regularly only on Sundays but sometimes we do meet on week days  for shorter walks or simply for evening social gatherings.
Visitors, including visitors holidaying in the area, are welcome to walk with us and can do so up to three times before deciding whether or not to join.
Sunday walks are usually for around 8 to 10 miles but you can choose to do less.   Some have a shorter option built in but with the others you could join us only at the lunchtime stop and walk only the afternoon section.  At the end, someone would then ferry you back to the lunch stop.   However, if you want to do this, please, phone the organiser in advance, both to find out roughly when we will arrive at the lunch stop and also so that we know that we need to look out for you when we get there.  Walks usually start at 10.00 and, allowing for stops and lunch, finish by 16.00.   Please note that there is usually time only for a soup or snack lunch at a pub or cafe if one is listed and, since we can neither guarantee that they will be open nor that they will be willing to serve us, it is as well always to bring a picnic.  If you need a lift to the walk's start, telephone the walk's organiser who will try to help and, if successful, you will then need to arrange, at least the day before the walk, a pick-up time and a location (usually in Guildford) with whoever is to provide the lift.
Walking is inherently a safe activity but no activity is without risk.  If you do walk with us then we will expect you to have read our (click here for a copy) Health and Safety Policy and, of course, to observe its advice.

Membership is open to all. To become a member currently costs only £6 p.a. for a single person and £10 p.a. for a couple living at the same address. Please contact us at for more details.

We are affiliated to the Ramblers Association and support their footpath conservation work